Education in Oakland

Dellums’ Day Dawns

Posted by novometro on June 17, 2006

While on the stump, Ron Dellums was fond of saying that Oakland is big enough to matter, and small enough to fix. Now he will have his chance to show that Oakland can be a model city, and he is the person for the job. Even Oaklanders who voted for the other candidates have reason to be optimistic. During the course of the campaign, critics charged Mr. Dellums, not inaccurately, with being vague. But there was something absurd about the idea that more than two decades as a Congressman was not suitable training for City Hall.

In an endorsement for Ignacio De La Fuente, the San Francisco Chronicle made the silly claim that Mr. Dellums would make a better Secretary of State than Mr. De La Fuente, but Mr. De La Fuente would make the better mayor. This is in a city where some neighborhoods greet patrol cars with the same warm welcome that Sunni insurgents in Fallujah show Marine Corps humvees. Forget the yawning class divide between the hills and the flats. If Oakland doesn’t need diplomacy, what city does?

We have high hopes for the Dellums administration, and look forward to covering it.


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