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Six Months and Counting

Posted by novometro on June 19, 2006

"What's going on?" asked a woman with luggage at the hotel lobby's information desk. Even an out-of-towner could tell that this was not a normal Monday morning at the Marriot City Center Hotel in downtown Oakland.

Ron Dellums was talking in the lobby to a handful of supporters and staff before entering the hotel banquet room where some 300 well-wishers and media had assembled to see Oakland's new mayor celebrate the 16th win of his nearly 40-years in politics.

Standing with his wife, Cynthia, in front of the crowd, Mr. Dellums repeated many of the pledges and slogans he made during the campaign. Oakland will be a global green city. Oakland will go forward together. He called for the city to embrace its diversity and for citizens to treat one another with dignity and respect. But he did say three interesting things, that if not entirely new, were at least not included in most of his speeches.

1. He called on the current mayor, Jerry Brown, to reconsider a recent appointment to the Board of Port Commissioners, and allow Mr. Dellums to put his own choice on the board.

2. Mr. Dellums also asked Oakland voters to read the city charter, and consider whether or not an initiative granting the mayor veto power should be placed on a future ballot.

3. One comment that stood out for its concreteness was that he plans to use some of former mayoral candidate Ron Oz's ideas regarding policing Oakland when he tackles the city's rising homicide rate. Mr. Oz, a former police officer, won two percent of the vote against Mr. Dellums. More on Mr. Oz in a later post.

Meantime, there will be six more months of normal Mondays as Jerry Brown transitions out of City Hall even more than he already has. (The last press release on his official mayoral website dates from January 2005. His last blog post was published on October 25.)

Mr. Dellums said Monday that his campaign only got started in the last few weeks of the election. He beat Ignacio De La Fuente, with less money and much less time. The 180 days he has until he is sworn in should be plenty of time to turn his campaign into the beginnings of his administration.


One Response to “Six Months and Counting”

  1. So, just to point out the fallacy of your conclusion, the final disclosure form shows that Dellums outspent Ignacio by quite a bit, including exceeding the spending cap he pledged himself to.

    Time was on Ignacio’s side – that’s what name recognition means. Dellums jumps in and instantly had 60+% of the vote (he received 70-something in his last congressional race). His votes fell over the few months of the election, not rose.

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