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Fast Links for Wednesday

Posted by novometro on July 26, 2006

Can Telegraph Avenue be Saved?


One Response to “Fast Links for Wednesday”

  1. bloglily said

    I’d really like to hear more about this issue. I’ve lived in Berkeley since 1982 and I hate it that my young children don’t like going to Telegraph Avenue: and with good reason — it’s asking a lot of anyone to have to negotiate the disorder, and mess and bad behavior that sometimes verges on the frightening, to buy a book. It’s easier to go to 4th Street to do that. Or better yet, the Claremont Library in the Elmwood, close to our house. I have no idea why Telegraph is the way it is when every other shopping street in Berkeley isn’t like that: Solano, the Elmwood, the Gourmet Ghetto, 4th Street, even the area around the downtown Berkeley BART station are all more welcoming than Telegraph. If you wanted to follow up on this, I’d certianly appreciate it. Maybe someone could do some digging into the issue, the sort of thing no one else really seems to be doing.

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