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Light on Light

Posted by novometro on September 1, 2006

Estaban Sabar Gallery shows the work of Oakland Artist Douglas Light this month.

Mr. Light, 41, talked to NovoMetro about Oakland vs. SF, art and eating out.

Q: Why won’t you move back to San Francisco?

A: I love living in the east bay.  Our lifestyle is so much more Oakland.

Q: What does that mean?

A: It’s friendlier, it’s not as uptight; it’s not as hard of a living as in San Francisco.

Q: Who are your favorite bay area artists?

A:  I really like Marty McCorkle’s (another Oakland artist) work.  Then there’s Justina Selinger, and Deborah Garber.

Q: Which are your favorite galleries in Oakland?

A:  I would definitely say the Esteban Sabar gallery and Ego Park. What those two galleries represent is what an gallery really should be. They’re not the best part of town, the architecture’s funky; they’re not in a strip mall. They don’t have art on a wall, and jewelry in a case They’re selling art, and that’s how they should be. There should be nothing more than paintings or sculpture

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant?

A: Olivetto’s. But we’re going to Luka’s with friends after the show.


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