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TerraMark Won’t Give Up

Posted by novometro on September 7, 2006

I just chatted on the phone with Reggie Livingston, the TerraMark principal and former Urban America employee, who is working the Oakland Unified property sale deal. He said that TerraMark/Urban America and the state superintendent’s office have agreed to an extension of at least 90 days for more negotiating. He’ll need it. Wednesday night, the school board voted 6 to 1 against selling school district property. Mr. Livingston allowed that the vote was a setback, but said he doesn’t think the situation has reached an impasse. He said that his focus will remain on working with the school board, even though their vote carries no weight, rather than shifting attention to lobbying City Hall.


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  1. Jesse Allen-Taylor said

    From The Berkeley Daily Planet

    Oakland School Property Sale Negotiations Extended
    By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor (09-12-06)

    Negotiations over the sale of 8.25 acres of Lake Merritt area Oakland Unified School District property will be extended for another 90 days, according to a representative of the East Coast developers involved in the negotiations.

    TerraMark principal Reggie Livingston said in a telephone interview today that the TerraMark/UrbanAmerica partnership and the office of California Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell “have agreed to at least a 90-day extension” in the negotiations, pushing the deadline to mid-December.

    Under the original Letter of Intent between the developers and O’Connell, TerraMark/UrbanAmerica’s exclusive negotiating rights to purchase the property would have expired on or around Sept. 15.

    Livingston stressed the “at least” portion of the agreement, and said that negotiations could conceivably extend beyond the mid-December date.

    State Superintendent O’Connell’s public information officer said this week that “we are reviewing the developer’s request for a 90-day extension of the contract negotiations. We don’t have any firm objections to an extension. But we have not yet reached a final agreement on the timetable.”

    Word of the negotiation extension first appeared late last week on the Oakland/Berkeley NovoMetro blog.


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