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Launched and at Sea

Posted by novometro on November 16, 2006

In the months leading up to last week’s launch that Priyanka and I spent thinking about and building NovoMetro, nearly everyone we spoke to agreed that our idea was sound. Oakland needs another news source. Online is the way to go, and focusing on Oakland’s many neighborhoods makes sense. The potential was there.

NovoMetro is no longer just potential. We are live, and at the mercy of the marketplace. In the coming months, the strength of our idea will be put to the test. We’ve been saying for months that Oakland is hungry for a new kind of news about the city, we’ll find out now if the Oakland wants what we are offering.

So far, the response has been better than we expected. But getting you to check our site everyday is the hard part. We’ll keep posting new stories five days a week. We’ll continue to add information the map pages. And we’ll root out all the bugs we discover in our site.

If you are interested in seeing Oakland’s media map remade, you can help by letting us know what you think works and what falls flat. The potential is there.


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