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The Last Worst Hamburger Stand

Posted by novometro on February 9, 2007

The Chronicle has a roundup of the Fat Burger versus Condo debate underway in Grand Lake. The owners of the Kwik-Way want to lease the spot to an ex-Oakland Raider who opened NorCal’s first Fat Burger in Contra Costa County, and would like to replace Kwik-Way with a second franchise. Some residents would rather suffer a few more years with Kwik-Way until some sort of commercial/residential project wins the go-ahead.

City Councilwoman Pat Kernighan wrote a nice summary of the issues, and put the matter up for a vote on It shouldn’t be a surprise given how horrible the food is, but I am still amazed that Kwik-Way elicits no support from any quarter. The place is universally reviled. It’s like the Manuel Noriega of drive-thrus. The people who want it to stay think it will die faster than a FatBurger, making way for something better.


One Response to “The Last Worst Hamburger Stand”

  1. Jessica said

    I’ll take almost anything but Quik-Way! The smell is awful. Isn’t there anyone out there who wants to keep the vintage sineage and turn this place into a charming diner?

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