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Friday Crime

Posted by novometro on March 9, 2007

The New York Times has a front page story Friday about a bewildering nationwide violent crime spike in certain cities. It’s a timely story for Oakland readers, who are now witnessing the Oakland Police Department reorder itself in response to a rise in violent crime in 2006. The New York Times story, which mentions Richmond, but not Oakland, suggests that Oakland’s increase in violent crime is due to a more complex set of factors than a story this week in the East Bay Express would lead readers to believe. That article’s chief aim was to describe the police chief’s painful political contortions in the face of a new administration in City Hall. The most interesting story here may be that the new mayor’s embrace of Chief Tucker is not as tight as it first looked. The fact that violent crime in Oakland is down almost one-fifth of the way through 2007 has not been reported.


2 Responses to “Friday Crime”

  1. Hi there, KTVU did a special that’s the best report I’ve seen on the causes behind rising crime in Oakland. You can find it here. In particular, it points out that there are now more officers assigned to IA than homicide, burglary and assault all together. Crimes, even homicides, don’t get investigated in my neighborhood period, and I suspect something similar is going on around the city. I’d like to see East Bay Express or Novometro to devote some resources to pulling these IA complaints, so we can see what police officers were really investigating when the guy was murderd for his parking space on Pearl Street, or the woman and a violent deranged man come plunging through her bedroom window on Harrison.

  2. also Alex,
    I hope you can send a reporter to the Sunshine Meeting at noon. (Details are posted on my blog.) Oaktown News doesn’t have anyone who can go. But this is a very important issue and I hope some of the other bloggers can be there.

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