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Friday Round-up

Posted by novometro on March 23, 2007

Oakland faces a $13.5 million budget shortfall one year after a $16 million surplus. An article in the Trib shows how various interests are using the deficit to advance their own positions.

A Trib article reports that Mayor Dellums wants time to offer his own ideas about how to create jobs in Oakland’s industrial zones. Sparking the discussion is a mega-project called the Mandela Gateway, which would put residential high-rises on top of light industrial buildings.

The New York Times writes about the state takeover of the St. Louis school district. The scary thing for Oakland readers? The financial problems and academic problems prompting the takeover are not as severe as Oakland’s.


One Response to “Friday Round-up”

  1. dto510 said

    The article, while quoting labor lawyer and political activist Doug Boxer declaring that “real estate agents” told him there are indeed uses for our run-down yet expensive industrial buildings, really has not addressed the real issue with industrial space. The problem is that these buildings are unusable in their present condition, and that rents, though relatively high, do not justify new construction. That’s the genius of the Mandela Gateway project (which enjoys overwhelming support from West Oakland community groups): the residential high-rises shoulder the costs of the structural platform, which would be used as brand-new light industrial space. It’s very disappointing that Nancy Nadel and Doug Boxer rant about speculators and imagine nonexistant users, and so stand in the way of what the community wants.

    I really wish Cecily Burt would interview, say, one of Oakland’s many industrial real estate brokerages (who support rezoning even though it means less business for them), rather than depending on politicians (and aspiring politicians) to feed her unverifiable anecdotes.

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