Education in Oakland

Better Than All Bad News

Posted by novometro on April 12, 2007

There was some mildly heartening news Thursday from two Oakland beats that can usually be counted on to generate depressing headlines: The murder rate and Oakland schools.

The Oakland Tribune reports that a Washington D.C. education policy center found that Oakland students along with their counterparts in other large, urban school districts are making impressive gains in academic achievement.

And the San Francisco Chronicle writes that the city’s homicide rate is down by a third compared to this time last year.

The Trib story fails to mention that a growing debate about the effectiveness of No Child Left Behind underpins the cited study from the Council of the Great City Schools, which was the only “national mainstream organization” to endorse NCLB in 2001.

The Chron article also contains a spot of bleak news marring what would otherwise be a hopeful story. While murders are down, the number of shots fired in the city is up. The maiming and the terror caused by gunfire might be a more accurate yardstick than death tolls to measure how safe we feel in our city.


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