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OUSD on the Exit Exam

Posted by novometro on April 25, 2007

The Oakland Unified School District just issued a press release announcing that the district is aiming for 100 percent pass rate on this year’s high school exit exam. It hadn’t occurred to me that OUSD would have made anything less than 100 percent a goal, but I suppose a noble ambition is worth repeating.

The press release says that 79 percent, or 1,538, of OUSD’s seniors have already passed the test. A remaining 404 still have to clear the hurdle to graduate. Almost 80 percent sounds pretty good. But what the press release does not mention is that when today’s seniors first took the test two years ago as sophomores, OUSD counted 3,523 10th graders. What happened to those 1,600 students? Not all of them moved.

Two years ago, 54 percent of 10th graders passed the English Language Arts portion of the test, and 57 percent passed the math section. If OUSD wants to write press releases announcing targets that we all should be taking for granted, they might want to consider a 100 percent pass rate on the exit exam for 10th graders. Then they could shoot for a zero percent drop out rate.


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