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A Report from Jane Brunner’s Community Meeting

Posted by novometro on May 7, 2007

Len Raphael of Desmond Street in Temescal sent a report from Jane Brunner’s budget meeting with constituents on Saturday. He says the news is mostly dreary, but that the mayor’s staff appear to be “smart, and spin-free.”


One Response to “A Report from Jane Brunner’s Community Meeting”

  1. len raphael said

    The total budget for expenditures for the 2007/2009 fiscal year is approximately $1Bil per year for each of the two fiscal years. Out of the total $1Bil/year budgeted expenditures, approx 45% (472Mill in 2007,486Mill in 2008) comprises the General Purpose Fund, and the remaining 55% is restricted to specific uses such as debt repayment, street lighting, sewers, new construction, Redevelopment Agency, recycling and other. The money for those restricted funds comes mostly from restricted grants, bonds, and specific fees.

    The biggest chunk of the 472Mill annual General Purpose Fund
    expenditures ends up going to police and fire costs (23% to Fire and 40% to Police), depending on contract negotiations and city council decisions.

    That leaves about 37% of 472Mill or 175Mill for the council and
    the mayor to move around among Library, Museum, Parks & Rec, Public Works, and City Admin.

    In order to raise an additional $30 million of sales tax, retail sales would need to increase by about $3 billion. That works out to every single person residing in Oakland (pop. 415,000) spending an additional $7,000 buying sales taxable stuff every year.


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