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More Test Cheating News

Posted by novometro on May 16, 2007

The Oakland Tribune reports that three teachers at the East Oakland School of the Arts agreed to resign at the end of the school year after helping students on the California High School Exit Exam.


2 Responses to “More Test Cheating News”

  1. Ellen said

    Unfortunately, the news about Oakland School of the Arts is not surprising. As a public school teacher, I must say there is tremendous pressure on schools to “test well” on state tests. Not only does funding depend on it, but the livelihood and independence of the schools remain at jeopardy. Still, in my opinion, I say let the state see how ridiculous these tests are – let our kids fail!

    I cringe each fall when Oakland Hills schools marvel at their top scores. Well, duh, it doesn’t take a world reknown pastry chef to make good vanilla ice cream. And, it doesn’t take amazing teachers to get good test scores out of students who come from economically and educationally stable families.

    On a side note, more specific to this piece: My son applied to this school as a student. I applied as a teacher. Neither one of us was accepted. In fact, we didn’t find out our status until we called them. The Oakland School of the Arts is a poorly managed school that sits pompously on its artistic rear boasting to have found the magic balance between quality art students and quality students. Seems they are not as confident as they made out to be. Too bad, what a great idea. What a perfect school for this community. There is still a chance. But, with its number one cheerleader out of office (former Mayor Jerry Brown), who is really keeping an eye on this school?

  2. vsmoothe said

    Ellen, you seem to be confused. The cheating admissions came from the East Oakland School for the Arts, an OUSD school, part of the Castlemont Community of Small Schools. This is an entirely separate institution from the Oakland School for the Arts, a charter school downtown.

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