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Shocked. Just Shocked

Posted by novometro on May 30, 2007

The East Bay Express has been hammering away at State Senator Don Perata for enjoying the fruits of his fund-raising a little too much. While the Express has spared no expense in poring over Mr. Perata’s well-endowed and complex collection of campaign committees, the articles have presented the Senate president’s behavior as if it were something new under the Sacramento sun. In two back-to-back articles, the weekly does not mention that John Burton, Mr. Perata’s predecessor as President Pro Tem, was also a gifted fund-raiser who didn’t mind political contributors paying his tab at a good restaurant .

In fact, even now that he is retired from the Legislature, he still doesn’t mind. Mr. Burton controls nearly $430,000 in a campaign fund that is ready and waiting for the 75-year-old veteran lawmaker should he decide to run for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2010. I asked him on Wednesday if he plans to run. He said he is “seriously considering it.” That was after saying saying fuck when he picked up the phone, and before hanging up because he was busy talking to two foster kids.


2 Responses to “Shocked. Just Shocked”

  1. dto510 said

    Don’t forget, today’s article is based entirely on anonymous sources, with not a single real person quoted to back up the author’s allegations. Didn’t journalists learn their lesson about over-reliance on anonymous sources from the New York Times?

  2. novometro said

    I don’t think the reliance on anonymous sources is so bad, although I am taking it on faith that someone at the paper other than the reporter knows who the sources are. Anonymous sources are better than relying almost exclusively on Doug Heller and Bob Stern, scolds so predictable and worn that they have rendered themselves almost invisible with tired repetition.

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