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UPrep Update

Posted by novometro on July 5, 2007

The Pasadena Star News picked up the story about that city’s former councilman, who changed his name and became a charter school director in Oakland. Teachers who taught at University Preparatory Academy in Eastmont Mall accused Isaac Haqq (aka Isaac Richard) of cheating on standardized tests, fixing grades, and bullying staff and students.

In an update to that story, the board has agreed that Mr. Haqq should no longer be the director of Oakland’s second largest charter school. The hard part, says board member Harold Pendergrass, will be finding someone to replace him. I’d say the hard part would be finding someone worse than Mr. Haqq.


5 Responses to “UPrep Update”

  1. Jimmy said

    It’s a shame when a society screws with its children. You never hear about problems in school districts east of the Oakland hill line. I can’t believe that everyone is a genuis there, or that everyone is honest. I bet the answer is that there is a good chance mom is an accountant and dad works in the D.A.’s office so the school board and staff know if they screw up the Big House is waiting for them. Over here in the poor side of town all the little experiments and educational gimmicks are tried out. Poor people don’t have the time or energy to oversee their schools. They get taken atvantage of. It says a lot about your elected officials and public staff when you see articles like this.

  2. Caroline said

    It says a lot about the wild-wild-west atmosphere under our charter school laws! Just toss hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding at any warm body, free them from “burdensome bureaucratic regulations” and effective oversight, and let them innovate away. Great idea!

  3. len raphael said

    ok, caroline you finally found a bad apple in the charter schools. no doubt there are more.

    but when my kids went to Tech, scattered among the excellent teachers were some fully tenured incompentents. eg. the advanced foreign language teacher who spent most of the semester showing travel films. and tech had some great administrators and some complete idiots. -len raphael

  4. Caroline said

    Believe me, it’s not difficult to find bad apples in the charter world — I mean, openly reported bad apples; I’m not talking about the widely admired individuals who are only mistrusted by skeptics like me.

    For a while I was keeping a list of news articles about charter problems, on the basis that it helped counteract the mighty PR machine (Bush administration, Hoover Institution, Walton Family Foundation and other mega-wealth right-wing organizations) that blankets the world with endless puffery about how great charters are. I haven’t really kept up the archive, on the basis that some people who didn’t grasp my point about countering the PR viewed it as a cheap shot, as I’m sure you will. But still, what there is gives you a quick snapshot of the extent of theft and other bad behavior by charter folks:

  5. Brian Cahill said

    Isaac Haqq is not a well intentioned champion of low-income/minority education. He’s a hustler. The education racket is his latest hustle. “Mr. Isaac” is about enriching “Mr. Isaac” not the community. He’ll claim otherwise, but he’s a fraud. For example, the cash cow at Uprep is the independent study courses–the majority of Uprep students are enrolled in the independent study program. These courses have absolutely NO academic integrity or honestly offer students any sort of real education. Uprep could surely serve the educational needs of East Oakland kids, but the school needs to be completely refigured, with much greater oversight from OUSD and the state, and Haqq must be ousted.

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