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An Odd Twist in the Uprep Story

Posted by novometro on July 13, 2007

Liane Zimny, the OUSD official who used to oversee charter schools for the district before she stepped down earlier this year, is reportedly top of the list for taking over University Preparatory Charter School now that Isaac Haqq has resigned.

Ms. Zimny was a champion of Uprep when it nearly lost its charter one year ago. She now runs her own educational consulting business.

It’s important to note that as recently as last year, Mr. Haqq has officially stepped down from the helm of Uprep only to continue running the school from the sidelines. novometro


2 Responses to “An Odd Twist in the Uprep Story”

  1. Michael said

    I can’t claim any inside knowledge of Zimny’s relationship with UPrep, either this year or last. I was, though, an interested observer last year, and she didn’t seem to me to be a “champion of UPrep.” It looked to me as if she identified critical administrative deficiencies, appropriately recommended the revocation of the charter, saw that the deficiencies had been addressed, and appropriately rescinded her recommendation. This struck me as very professional, especially in light of Haqq’s open hostility to her. Which of the charges now levelled at Haqq ought she to have anticpated? How ought she to have acted on them? I know that at one point UPrep applied to extend their charter to middle school. OUSD said no. That means that Randy Ward said no. That means that Zimny’s office likley recommended no (though I think that OUSD said yes despite her office’s recommendation when American Indian asked to open a high school).

    I talked to Zimny a couple of times last year. I know that she won some fights and lost some fights. I don’t know why she stepped down. I don’t know whether her successor has more resources than she had to conduct independent investigations. There’s so much I don’t know that I won’t say for certain that she was great at her job, but she always struck me as competent, fair, and forthright.

  2. grace said

    Micheal is absolutely right. Liane fought Isaac as much as she could. But the power was in Isaac’s Board. They had the authority to search into matters, but they didnt. They met every now and then. And when they met, Isaac painted the picture for them.

    Everybody associated with the school had some ideas of what was going on.The community didnt turn a deaf ear, the establishment did. Numerous letters were written to the School Board, Sacramento; phone calls were made, etc… Why did it take so long is the question. Yes Isaac is guilty, but so are many others who should have responded to the matter before it got so out of hand!

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