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Posted by novometro on July 16, 2007

As of July 1, it costs $400 to appeal a Planning Commission decision. Should it be more? The sloppy and error-ridden appeal to a five-story, 44-unit condo development slated for 4801 Shattuck in Temescal provides evidence for those who would answer with a “yes.”

In April, the Planning Commission approved the condo project, which will require the demolition of buildings on three lots. A group called STAND (they are often seen hustling for signatures and cash on the fringes of the Temescal Farmers Market) appealed the approval 12 days later saying that the Planning Commission erred by granting the project an exemption for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Among their complaints, STAND claims that the building’s five stories give it an unusual height, will create too much traffic, and will remove a historic building from the street. STAND is wrong on all three points. A taller building than the proposed project stands less than two blocks away, a traffic study backed by the city found that the project will not result in “significant impacts” to traffic flow in the area, and 556 48th Street is not an “historic resource.”

In addition to missing the taller buildings in the area, STAND’s attorney also cited the wrong city reports, and mistakenly claimed that a new traffic light on Shattuck Avenue was a mitigation offered by the developer rather than a project already approved by the city completely independently of the proposed development.

On Tuesday, Oakland City Council will reject STAND’s appeal. While asking for money at the farmers market, STAND says this appeal cost the group more than $700. They clearly got what they paid for. It’s a shame we have to pay, too.


One Response to “STAND Down”

  1. Beverly Potter said

    I am located next to the 4801 Shattuck development. At the time of the City council appeal something “disappeared” from my back yard – some precious. The Italian bldg that was on the corner of 49 & Shattuck had hundreds of large cement blocks with special stones gathered by a UCB Professor of geology. When he died the owner of the Italian bldg got his collection and built a large cement wall in which he embedded the professor’s stones. When the bldg was demolished around 2001-2002 0 Jeff Normal – the Temescal historian – gathered all those cement blocks and gave them out to neighbors. I had 2 i the back of Casa Bella for all this time. I intended to have them mounted into the foundation of the bldg that would be moved form the 4801 site onto my property. Well, in the last week and a half those two very heavy cement blocks have disappeared. this means that someone came into my parking lot – twice – since thy were too heavy to carry together and took my precious stones. only a very few people would have any idea of what they were – otherwise they just looked like cement blocks with colored stones in them. I don’t think that Jeff would take them – esp since he gave them to me. I WANT THE STONES BACK. I beleive that someone from STAND snuck into Casa Bella in the night and took them. Plase bring my stones back.

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