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The Automatic Ron Dellums Speech Machine

Posted by novometro on July 17, 2007

I was reminded of something when I read in Tuesday’s Tribune that Mayor Ron Dellums said, “We have to think to the size of the problem to think to the size of the solution,” in response to the problem of teenage prostitutes working in and out of Oakland. Someone I know, who is no fan of the mayor, once suggested  that it would be fun to make an Automatic Ron Dellums Speech Generator. Push a button and a series of familiar phrases would be strung together in a  semi-coherent speech. Some of the mayor’s gems that he can’t speechify without; “I don’t have an “S” on my chest,” “We Shall Overcome is a great song, but we’ve been singing it too long,” “We have to have the audacity to [fill in the blank].”


2 Responses to “The Automatic Ron Dellums Speech Machine”

  1. V Smoothe said

    Don’t forget “Democracy is a messy business, but it’s all we’ve got” and the obligatory references to his past as “West Oakland Ronnie D.” Oh, and you always know a Dellums speech isn’t over until he gets to the part about how he’s baffled by computers.

  2. Deckin said

    How about ‘change the world mayor’ (as said by a passing youth on a bicycle), or ‘vision without action is a dream; action without vision is a nightmare’.

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