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New Oakland Charter School Website

Posted by novometro on August 8, 2007

In late July, David Montes de Oca, the new charter school coordinator for Oakland Unified School District, started a much-needed website that offers information about the city’s turbulent charter school landscape. Managing the “what’s new”feature will be a full-time job. One charter school has just been closed, two more will open in August, and on Wednesday night, district officials will grant a charter to a new high school opening in 2008.


2 Responses to “New Oakland Charter School Website”

  1. Caroline said

    The link doesn’t work (this happens to me with most hyperlinks when I blog myself, so I can’t complain!). Naturally I’d like to keep a skeptical eye on the Wild West world of Oakland charters, so would love to get a working link.

    And you can’t say I didn’t warn you that stuff like Uprep was going on in the charter world. IMHBWIO (in my humble but well-informed opinion), MOST of the charter world is like Uprep and we just haven’t found it out yet. What do we expect when we toss fistfuls of money at anyone who asks, without rules, oversight or supervision, and offer them endless streams of more money if they can “show” success?

    Thanks for doing a great job keeping us informed, by the way.

  2. Hanna said

    The link worked last night, so maybe the site is just temporarily taken down.

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