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O’Connell Wants $500,000 from OUSD for Charter Schools

Posted by novometro on February 24, 2009

At the beginning of February, Jack O’Connell sent Vince Matthews a letter telling him to “apportion to each charter school $60 per enrolled student” as a means of addressing the inequity stemming from the fact that Oakland charter schools “have not been formal beneficiaries of revenues from the district’s parcel tax or other local discretionary funds.” The State Superintendent of Public Instruction adds that this puts “[charter schools] at a disadvantage vis a vis their peer schools.”

Given that there are 8,000 charter school students in Oakland, and the final bill for this “one-time only adjustment” will come to nearly $500,000, the school board is pissed, and voted last week to hire a lawyer to fight the request.

O’Connell says that he will pursue a longer term plan to address the inequity.


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    O’Connell Wants $500,000 from OUSD for Charter Schools « NovoMetro

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