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About NovoMetro

NovoMetro. The new city.

It’s the same all over the world. Knock on a door. Pick up a phone. Stop a stranger on the street. Ask a question. You might get the brush off, or you might hear a story. Oakland and Berkeley are no different from anywhere else. Yet, in this metropolitan area of half a million people where 89 languages are spoken, tech entrepreneurs share buildings with potters, and one of the world’s great universities sits not five miles from one of the world’s great ports, too many stories are left untold.

NovoMetro wants to tell some of those stories. And we want to offer a place where you can tell yours. We will bring you news from the schools your children attend, the ways your neighborhood is changing, new art, new theater, and new places to eat and drink. Our website at invites you to give your take, whether it’s on an old cafe, a new charter school, or some outrageous plan hatched in City Hall.

Our journalism will be different. We will be accurate. We will be fair. We will be relentless. But as we report, we will remember that the local news business has lost its way and its audience. If you need proof, look no further than the Oakland Tribune’s local circulation of around 65,000. It’s not just here. Local media all over the country is struggling to reconnect with its vanished subscribers.

We aren’t sure we have the answer. We’ll keep a sharp eye trained on public officials, but we won’t follow every turn-of-the-screw in local politics. We’ll also ask you to tell us what we should be covering. Our archives will be open for you to edit as time casts new light on old stories.

NovoMetro is an experiment. If we succeed, then we will not have become the media source of record in Oakland, but we will have created a picture, composed of a thousand stories, of the place where we live.

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2 Responses to “About NovoMetro”

  1. dan said

    How about adding a section/category on piedmont? and maybe having subcategories for different neighborhoods of oakland – fruitvale, crocker, …

    btw, i live in redwood hts and read your post on the kindergarten school assignments. people in redwood hts were absolutely freaked. most everyone who has moved there in the last 10+ yrs has done so because the school. they’ve paid alot more to live there than say in the laurel neighborhood nearby. never mind that their kids are doomed to be assigned to bret harte middle school once they finish at redwood hts elementary or that they’ll have to move or go private. adding to their anger is the number of kids from other neighborhoods who have been let in, and the frustration in dealing with the OUSD where you can’t find out who is in charge and how to get your problem solved. with all the under 5 yr old kids in the neighborhood, this problem isn’t going to go away soon and we can count on the OUSD to have their usual effective response on an annual basis.

    it’s as if george “heck of a job” bush was in charge of the OUSD disaster.

    good luck with this website!, dan

  2. Bagita said

    I like the concept of NovoMetro and the Bay Area is the perfect place to pilot this website. I just ran across the website as I was searching for information on the missing Fruitvale teacher. Wow! I did not expect to find something as potentially raw yet intimate at my fingertips. Somehow, I get it and feel encourage to visit again. It is now in my favorite on my web browser.

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